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   I said I'd fight {B A C K}

I didn't say that I'd fight {F A I R}


{☼} — “Well I know for one thing that we’re at least going to need somewhere bigger. But other than that I’m not quite sure what to do or say. I’ve never even thought about being a parent before.” At least not without a shudder and a promise to never become one for fear of ruining his children.

She ran her free hand through her hair and tried to tuck a bit behind her ear though it fell back into place not five seconds later. “Yes, we’re going to need someplace bigger. It doesn’t need to be a lot bigger, but it’s going to need more than one bedroom so the baby can have its own room.” It would be really cramped to have all three of them in one room. “I never really gave much thought to being a parent either, at least not before now. We’re going to need to get things like baby clothes, diapers, a bassinet, and other baby things.”

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What are you so angry about now?



Okay, well, since it seems like every pokemon blog has either deleted their blogs or stopped giving out pokemon, I’m gonna try a little something. If anyone wants a pokemon, reblog this post. I’ll be sending ones that I think fit your blog best, or via (since every pokemon’s got a number).

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"For some reason I don’t entirely believe you, but whatever." She shook her head. "And what’s ‘whatever you choose.’ supposed to mean?" She wasn’t going to let him off the hook easily apparently.

"Don’t believe me?" He asked, looking up at her. "What is there not to believe? And ‘whatever you choose’ means, we’ll do whatever you want to do." He said, lifting a shoulder indifferently.

Xeha rolled her eyes. “Are you always this incredibly helpful about things like this?” She asked a bit bluntly. “Let’s just go. I’m sure you have other things that you ought to do, or would rather do.”


{☼} — He nodded, glancing around at the vastly cleaned up city around them as Edge gradually began to look like a true city instead of the remains of the once great Midgar that it was. “I had no doubt we would be. After all, no matter what he or she is our child.”

And so they reached the city part of the city opposed to the ruins. She glanced around the area to see if there was anything of interest in the vicinity. “I did not doubt that either.” She replied. “Do you have any thoughts on our situation, or what is going to happen?”


{☼} — “I honestly don’t either,” he admitted with a small laugh. Either way he felt that he’d be getting far more than he probably deserved, and yet he’d be happy. Very, very happy. A family was not something he’d ever entertained thoughts of actually building and yet here he was - building one with her.

"I suppose we will be fine with whatever we find out then." She said, not that she imagined they wouldn’t be. Xeha hadn’t exactly imagined herself having a family either, but sometimes things just happened.


{☼} — His smile never faded as he led her down the streets of Edge, his arm in hers though they went nowhere fast. He was in no hurry and it showed. “So then, is there a particular gender you’re hoping it’ll be?” he asked quietly, knowing that he himself couldn’t choose for the life of him which gender would make him happier.

There was no need to hurry or rush. They weren’t headed anywhere in particular, and they did not even have to think about heading towards the hospital for nearly a half an hour. Time wasn’t a problem. Xeha was quiet for a bit while she thought over Genesis’ question. “I don’t really have a preference. What about you?”


{☼} — Leading her out of his small apartment, he smiled to himself as he thought of the plans he’d already set in motion to have a new home ready and waiting for them at the fastest pace imaginable. “The company makes it worthwhile at least.”

Xeha was unaware of what Genesis had in store for them. She did figure that they would have to find somewhere larger than his apartment to live since it would work for two people, but not two people and a child. “Yes, yes it does.” She replied and let him lead the way.


{☼} — “It’d be best to avoid causing any more trouble accidentally either way,” he admitted as he hooked his arm around hers. “So a walk it is. Though far less pleasurable it still beats sitting around bored.”

“I believe that would be best as well.” They didn’t want to cause any accidental harm. She smiled at him. “More pleasurable things will have to wait until we find out if they are permitted. A walk will just have to do for now.”


{☼} — A devious grin lit his features as he kissed her again. “Well my usual distraction when we’re alone is what seems to have gotten us into this little situation so I’m not entirely sure I should suggest it. Any other ideas?”

Xeha laughed at that. “Yeah, that sort of caused this situation. Not directly, but still.” She wasn’t entirely sure if that was safe in this situation anyway. “We could take a walk, or something.”