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Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

"No Escape"

Xeha heard the voice and felt the arms trap her in place. She raised an eyebrow and looked at Namine curiously. “Hello.”


torewindtime started following you


"Good evening, Xeha."

"…Good evening, Flare."



"Yes, I know who we are talking about, okay? And yes, I am aware of the airship and the randomness it contains."

"It’s like the Antithesis or reality."

She sighed and shook her head. “It does not matter.”



"How unfortunate. That means we shall see less of you yes? ….Might I suggest Sephiroth’s apartment to hide?"

"Do you want me to throw hot coffee on you again? I’m not sure Sephiroth’s would be a good idea. I don’t really want to involve him in this…"

-pounces on Repliku and licks the side of his face before rolling off and giving a bark like laugh-




o 0o

That hurt a little but I’m totally okay with that. -pets wit love-~<3

I am very sure about that. I may be able to turn into a fluffy wolf, but you really do not want my life.

-pouts- fiiiiiiine. I’m sure you know your life best -sigh-

-leans against him- Yes, I believe I do as well.


Lenz went stone faced as he stood up, wiping away the fake tears from his eyes. His hands adjusted his jacket. Good, she fell for it, now he was able to get some things completed, he will track for her in the morning. If she had half a mind, she knew where to return. Once back in the cabin, he got some heavy pants, a nice long sleeve shirt, and many layers. Xeha was a good friend, and he wondered when she would return. He wondered if she would return in a decent condition, or he will have to drag her back. 

Xeha ran into the surrounding woods until she could run no further. By now she was a good distance away from Lenz and the cabin, but not far enough away from the dreams and memories. She shifted forms once more and sat with her back against a tree and her head in her hands. Eventually she would return to the cabin, but not right now.


     “I would be tempted to explain if I did not believe your leader might attempt to use it for himself were you to relay the information back to him. It is difficult enough to try gather it for myself with Sephiroth trying to sap it away.” The red leather of his gloves curled carefully against the stone banister that kept him from toppling over the edge as he craned out towards the moon. “Have you tried to harness it for yourselves yet? I don’t care to know the methods, just to know if ways other than divining it are possible. If it is, then I’ve been looking at our planet’s source of life incorrectly all this time.”

She was not aware of Sephiroth trying to sap it away, but then again she hadn’t asked. It was none of her business anyway. “Very well.” It was understand able why he wouldn’t tell her. If she really wanted to know she would ask someone else. “We have not tried to harness its power just yet. It is not the proper time, but it will be soon.”


Sephiroth gave her a smile. “Yes. It’s been rather quiet here for a while…” Sephiroth paused for a moment a silent sigh escaping him. He had been keeping his composure pretty well considering what had happened to what had become one of his closest friends. “Well… Besides Cloud’s death.”

A frown settled on her features when she heard that one of Sephiroth’s closest friends had passed away. Xeha was now unsure what to say in this situation. “I am sorry to hear that he passed away.” The older silver was probably tired of hearing that by now.

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I am going to be hiding for a while. My past has come back to haunt me.